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  • Henric

    Henric spent a majority of his childhood held captive along with his family by drow. He later managed to escape through sheer luck after his parents were mutated through fleshcraft potions.

  • Seana Bean

    Seana Bean was born in Riddleport as the daughter of a traveling merchant and a owner of an inn. Because of her father's constant traveling, she would often be asked to assist her mother in doing …

  • Carmen Strider

    Other than the fact that she was born to a Varisian father and a Tian-min Mother, Carmen keeps her past to herself. She has proficiency with the bow and has developed a gambling addiction. She is currently freeloading at Seana Bean’s inn, The White …

  • Astrid Dewitt

    Astrid grew up in the heights of Korvosa, daughter to Scott and Ana Dewitt. Scott was a carpenter by trade and Ana came from a distinguished family of Wizards. Astrid's childhood and adolescence was spent learning magic from her mother, and later the …

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