Owen's Blade

The Inheritance

weapon (melee)

Previous Wielders:
Owen(First Timeline)

Current Wielder:
Owen(Second Timeline)

This sword was originally owned by the famous Jackdaw the leader of the Silver Ravens but was found in the Jarvis estate by Owen. Jackdaw was often seen talking to the sword as though it was a person but, as Owen later discovered, she had been talking to the silver raven symbol found at the pommel of the sword. The symbol functions as a silver raven idol which the rest of the members of the Night Ravens possess allowing them to communicate over long distances. As he continued to use the sword, Owen discovered that it had gained sentience while in his possession. The ego that the sword contained later died when it was destroyed by Darnoc in an accident. With the death of the first Owen, the sword was left as a grave marker in the town of Dumadari but was later taken by Fuma. However when the time came to travel back in time, it was unknown what happened to the sword but the spirit now rests in the sword belonging to Owen of the second timeline.

Owen's Blade

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