Tali Khanna

The Eager Initiate


Chaotic Good
Pathfinder Society


Born and raised in a Keleshite community, Tali was doted on by her parents and pursued by several suitors. However, she was unhappy. Due to the influence of her father, a travelling trader who had been to lands all across Golarion, she despised the Keleshite tradition of women being protected. Rather than marrying someone brave and strong, she wanted to be someone strong. Tali’s parents had a bad relationship with each other. Their marriage was arranged, as many Keleshite marriages are. Her father – a wealthy merchant and decent warrior was set to marry her mother – a stunning traditional beauty from an influential family. At age 19, Tali’s mother found many young potential husbands for Tali. Tali challenged them all to a fist fight when her mother was not watching, and they all fled from her either because they could not stand the thought of an woman fighting or because she whooped their ass. One uneventful day, Tali was lying in her luxurious bed in an immense room, incredibly bored, when a visitor arrived. It was a woman, at least partially elven, with hair that was not black and skin pale white skin. She was a Pathfinder. She had come from the Grand Lodge in Absalom, a grand moshpit of culture and a mecca for traders, at least according to Tali’s father. She told Tali and her mother that Tali’s father was a Pathfinder himself and that he died in an unpredentedly dangerous expedition. Tali’s mother was livid, yelling at the visitor to leave. Tali was surprised to find that her mother was in tears. Perhaps she had once, or perhaps she still did, love the fleeting, adventurous man that was her father only to find that his passion for thrills and adventure was greater. Tali was torn and felt bad for her mother. However, she still secretly arranged a meeting with the elven that night. The woman said it was Tali’s father’s last will to let Tali see the world. To become a Pathfinder herself. That she was here because of her obligation to a man who saved her life. Upon hearing that, Tali steeled her resolve. In the dead of night, she left her community and the woman who raised her.

Two years passed. Tali frequently writes to her mother, who has come to terms with herself after spending the greater half of a year wallowing in despair. Tali, on the other hand only strengthened her disdain for the opposite gender having not had much interaction and certainly no pleasant interaction with any of them in recent memory. As an initiate, she trained in many styles, but found that she was drawn to super close quarters weaponry, perhaps because they allowed her to recall the viscerality and the adrenaline rush of beating up some stuck up rich kid who was objectifying her. Or perhaps because was just naturally good at it. EIther or. Her talent allowed her to enter the Grand Lodge as a fresh Pathfinder ready to prove herself.

Tali Khanna

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