Seana Bean

The Innkeeper


Lawful Neutral
Hunter (Primal Hunter) 1
Cayden Cailean
White Wolf Inn
Golden Goblin Casino
4682 AR


Seana Bean was born in Riddleport as the daughter
of a traveling merchant and a owner of an inn. Because
of her father’s constant traveling, she would often
be asked to assist her mother in doing various
chores around the inn. From a young age, she
learned that Riddleport was the home of a fairly
rowdy population, she became accustomed to
escorting bothersome patrons out of the inn.
However, she soon discovered that due to her
bad communication skills, she would often not be
taken seriously by various inn patrons.
One day while exploring the mountains in search
of berries and food ingredients, she stumbled
across a injured wolf pup that was left
in the middle of the road. She brought the
pup home and after a few weeks of nuturing, it
recovered to full health. She named the
wolf Boromir and they soon formed a good relation-
The inn, later named the White Wolf started to
attract customers from all walks of life. Most of them
were there simply for the good food and drink, but
some came to look at Boromir. Boromir’s beautiful
white fur attracted collectors from all over trying to
purchase him. This unwanted attention caused
Boromir to distance himself from everyone but Seana
One day, a woman dressed in strange garments
Collapsed in front of the bar. Her skin was pale and
she was clearly malnourished. Seana
took her in and cared for her for a few
days. Seana later learned her name was Carmen
Strider, and that she gambled all of her money away
and now had no place to stay. Carmen soon
began visiting the inn regularly, begging for a place
to stay. At first Seana found this extremely annoying,
but after a while she began accepting her new
irresponsible friend. Carmen now lives in the inn’s
attic, often going out to earn money and gamble it
away. Boromir, initially hostile towards Carmen now
sees her has family often sticking close to her when
Seana isn’t around.
From their first meeting, Seana knew that Carmen
was hiding something. At times Carmen’s face
would turn dark, usually when mentions of her
past came up. Despite her friend’s obvious facade,
Seana continues to watch over her hoping that
Carmen would one day open up to her and maybe
stop gambling.

Seana Bean

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