Owen Jarvis

The Scion of Kintargo


Alignment – Neutral Good
Race/Species – Half-elf
Class – Magus(Spellblade/Bladebound/Kensai)/Warder/Bladecaster
Gender – Male
Homeland – Kintargo, Cheliax
Deity – Shelyn
Organization – Silver Ravens
Age- 19


Born into the Jarvis family allegedly illegitimately, Owen was not acknowledged by his aunt or grandparents. He never met his father or his mother and never heard anything about them. Owen quickly showed that he was a genius and possessed great martial prowess. The Jarvis decided to groom him into an elite guard or advisor to the true leader of Jarvis. In between his formal sword and magic training, Owen would read books. He picked up some knowledge of history and the Jarvis tradition of architecture. He discovered the arts after reading about Shelyn and become enamored with them. In particular, the local opera singing star Shensen. Owen realized that while his family did not hate him, they certainly did not completely mean well or truly care for him. He ran away, stealing a signet ring, a sizeable sum of gold, some survival tools, and an exotic black sword he stumbled upon while sneaking around the estate.

Owen kept up with current events as best as he could while being mostly locked inside studying. He loathes Barzillai for shutting down the Opera house and has longs to go see a show himself. He had read a little about the heroics of the Silver Ravens, but thought little of it.

When the protest began, Owen had been away from the Jarvis estate for a day, sleeping in his bedroll for a night. He heard there was a protest occurring but did not know all the details. His interest in the opera house and dissatisfaction spur him to join the angry mob…

Owen Jarvis

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