Mikaela Elmaran

The Radiant Dawn


Alignment – Neutral Good
Race/Species – Half-elf
Class – Bard(Dervish of Dawn/Soundstriker) 1
Gender – Female
Homeland – Kassen, Nirmathas
Deity – Sarenrae
Organization – N/A
Born- 4687 AR


While Jocyn was adventuring, he noticed orcs raiding
a village. His party decided to intervene, but it was
too late. The houses were burned, the women were
raped, and the loot was plundered. The party
underestimated the number and ability of the orcs
and ended up all dead. Except Jocyn, who received
a terrible injury to his left leg. In the aftemath, while
grieving for his dead friends(among them, his lover)
he heard a baby crying. In a cupboard that had
somehow survived the fire and the orcs was a half-elf
infant. Magic had been cast on the cupboard to
protect her. Jocyn opted to raise this child as his
own. He decided to settle in a nearby town, Kassen.
Using his bardic talents to make a living for himself
and the child, who he named Mikaela after his dead
significant other.
Curiously, Mikaela had a knack for magic and
picked up Jocyn’s skills very easily. Jocyn knew that
she could easily surpass him in music if given time
and practice.However, she had already become an
incredible dancer. The best Jocyn had seen.
Jocyn taught her some swordplay in preparation for
the quest in 2 days; although he is well aware that
the danger is nigh non-existent, Mikaela was insistent.

Now strikingly beautiful, Mikaela and Jocyn are well
known as the “only real entertainers in town”.
She has several suitors but sees nothing in any of
them. She dreams of being an adventurer like Jocyn
once was, and sees the upcoming quest as a chance
to have her first taste of adventure and perhaps
prove herself to Jocyn, who is highly against Mikaela
leaving on her own.

Mikaela is a little arrogant, having been praised and
coddled all her life. Her adoring fans have not helped to
mollify her overconfidence. She has yet to find
a challenge she can not overcome or skills she can
not pick up easily and thus has little patience for less
talented or slower individuals.
Despite this, Jocyn instilled his values of good and
freedom into Mikaela and she ultimately seeks
happiness and good will for all who deserve it. Her
anger is more rooted in others not being able to keep
up with her in working for good.

She has been humbled by the journey through the Crypt of the Everflame, and is now infiltrating the Cult of Razmir in Tamran.

Mikaela Elmaran

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