Markus Nome

The Wyrmslayer


CR 22
Chaotic Good
Paladin (Chose One) 2
Fighter (Dragon Scion) 9
Sorcerer (Draconic Bloodline) 1
Dragon Disciple 9
Mythic Marshall 1
Kassen, Nirmathas
4302 AR


Hundreds of years ago, the land was dry. The great red dragon Smoug ruled the skies above the great lake Encarthan. By the order of the lord of Nirmathas, Arduwen II, local villagers were required to produce food and resources for the oppressive lord. Every day, the Lord’s castle would hold a banquet filled with the highest quality produce given to him by the villagers. One group of Gnome farmers and particular produced extremely high quality potatoes that the king enjoyed almost every night. The Nome family had been farming potatoes for generations and they’re famed produce was known all over the land as simply being the best. As the rivers began to dry, villagers grew tired of it. They couldn’t stand the complete apathy the lord seemed to have towards his starving subjects. They formed a militia, on the front lines was the great Nome potato farmer, Markus. Years of working on the land had made his body chiseled and strong. On the night of the 66th feast, the militia stormed the fort. Markus, a gnome of exceptional ability wielded his sickle Faunabane slashing away at the guards of the castle. When they reached the chamber of Arduwen II, they were shocked. Instead of Arduwen, they found Smoug, clad the in the torn garments of their Lord. The brave farmer charged at the beast and fought in a battle that would last several weeks. Finally with a great cleave of his mighty razor, Markus the farmer cut through the tough scales of the Red Drake felling the beast. The cheers of the villagers echoed across the land as the great Hero Markus with his sickle now renamed Drakebolg finally ended the Reign of Frostbite. However, few know that Markus was helped by the Young Silver Dragon, Aldia. Marcus found the weakened Silver Dragon unconscious as a young woman on his field one day. After providing her with water and a place to live, she recovered and gifted the young gnome with the blessings of a dragon. With this power, he was able to slay the dragon lord and bring water back into the land. After the great war ended Aldia, infatuated with the young gnome became his wife and they lived a peaceful life farming potatoes in the field.

Markus Nome

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