Lianne Shelyni

The Chosen of Shelyn


Alignment – Lawful good
Race/Species – Human (Chelaxian)
Class – Paladin(Oath of Vengeance) 2
Gender – Female
Homeland – Korvosa, Varisia
Deity – Shelyn
Organization – None
Age – 20


Daughter of Perishial and a naive young human
noblewoman looking to try something new, Lianne
was abandoned after 3 years, the noblewoman
not wanting the responsibility anymore. She was
found by Gaedran Lamm and forced to steal in order
to survive. However, after living like that for 5 years,
Lianne began to feel guilty for what she had been
doing. This infuriated Gaedran, and he beat her
to near death in a nearby alley, leaving her for dead.
Teary eyed, Lianne begged for forgiveness and help
from anyone who was listening. Just when she had
given up hope, a small thrush with a rainbow-colored
tail flew onto her, and used magic to heal her
wounds. The celestial being bestowed Lianne with
understanding and power. While not one to tend to
have paladins, Shelyn perhaps felt sorry for the
young girl or simply saw that her immense talent
would go to waste otherwise.
Lianne saw a glimpse of a masked man clad in black who brought her to the sanctuary of Shelyn, where she
was tended to by priests who saw the glaive and the outsider
Mikaela had with her. They tended to her and
taught her for several years.
Lianne went on a pilgrimage with her celestial
companion, spending learning and practicing
the teachings of Shelyn before returning to Korvosa recently.

Now exemplifying the outer and inner beauty
characteristic of Shelyn’s clergy, Lianne works to
improve living conditions in Old Korvosa. Dispatching
felons with her magically non-lethal glaive, playing
with and protecting young children. Although Gaedran
has probably forgotten her, Lianne has not forgotten
anything. She plans to confront Gaedran, hoping to
punish him and correct his ways. However, she is
prepared to kill him if he proves irredeemable as the
risk of leaving him alive and unchanged is too great.
Liane uses divine magic to make her glaive only
cut to make someone unconscious and avoids
murder if possible. While she handles polearms and combat
with grace and skill, she still has to choose an art to
master. Her perfect form and confident attitude strike
fear in those she fights.

After meeting with Perishial, he confirmed that she was in fact not one of his daughters, but that he knew her elf mother. The haughty elf did not elaborate and Lianne did not care to associate with him any more than necessary.

Lianne Shelyni

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