The Masked Legend


Alignment – ??
Class – ??

Homeland – Korvosa
Deity – ?

Organization – None
Age- ???


A hero clad in black, Blackjack has stood up for the less fortunate in Korvosa since its inception.

The figure of Blackjack has created quite a rumored history for itself over the past 200 years. There are stretches that this legendary figure disappears for years, even decades at a time. Yet when the populace needs him most, Blackjack is there to help. Now, with the death of King Eodred Arabasti II, Blackjack is back. There have been several sightings of Blackjack, although they are possibly a group of impostors.

Some speculate that he is a member of a race that lives much longer, hiding among the people and waiting until he is needed again? Is he a string of human men, each a successor of the last?

Perhaps it does not matter and the name of Blackjack anyone who fights for Korvosa with a rapier and a black cloak.


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