Azulea "Azu" Iyyan



Lawful Neutral
Half-Elf (Former Elf)
Ranger (Skirmisher/Infiltrator/Demon Hunter/Sky Stalker/Divine Tracker) 4
Night Ravens
4583 AR


Azulea Iyyan was born into a family of elven ranchers
Her family lived a cozy life at the edge of the
forest and made their living through horse taming and
trading. Trade caravans headed to and from Kintargo
would often pass by, bringing along many curious
trinkets and goods. Azulea would often watch these
caravans, imagining what wonders they held and what
sights they’ve seen.
As she grew older, she developed an fondness for
archery, and would often traverse the forest looking for
animals to hunt. Her proficiency with the bow was
recognized by a hunter in the nearby village of Heidel
and she began training under him.
Later on in her life, Azulea got a little sister named
Kirune. Kirune shared the same love for adventure as
her sister and enjoyed tagging along on Azulea’s
frequent trips into the forest. The two siblings got
along very well. They carried matching wooden
bracelets with their names etched into them.
One day, a group of people dressed in red armor and
red mantis masks appeared in front of their house. They
were hired by some follower of Asmodeus who lived
in the village. Azulea’s parents were killed almost
immediately by the men. Azulea and Kirune were out
hunting at the time. Some stuff happened and she
arrived in Kintargo just in time for the protests.

Reincarnated into a half-elf after dying to a crocodile under Long Road Coffee House

Azulea "Azu" Iyyan

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