Ayu Kazeyama

The Wind God Girl


Chaotic Neutral
Half-Elf Racial Heritage Tengu
Hei Feng
Pathfinder Society (Lantern Lodge)


The tengu nation of Kwan-Lai was never the wealthiest nation. It’s cities were often sprawling slums with little or no sense of urban planning. Ayu was born in one of these cities. Her mother was a half-elf prostitute who had originally come from Jinin. From a young age, Ayu was aware that life wasn’t easy. Her mother’s occupation as well as Ayu’s mixed blood made her a target of bullying by the local children. When this happened, she would run home into her mother’s tender embrace. Ayu’s birth was the result of an elven woman’s attempt to elope with a Taldoran noble. They were caught and the man was executed. The elven woman was sent to Kwan-Lai where she soon died of disease; leaving Ayu’s mother alone.

During the day, Ayu was often dismissed from the house while her mother tended to her various clients. In these times, Ayu would often go to the shrine to listen in on the lessons given to the young miko apprentices. Her actions were soon discovered by the shrine’s head priest. The priest immediately kicked the child out; however, Ayu kept coming back. She would sneak into the shrine everyday, sitting outside the classroom listening and remembering what she could. The priest saw this and decided to take the child in. In her, he saw a determination to learn not present in any of his students. He took the child as his apprentice; teaching her the basics of magic, and how to manipulate the elements as she wished. After several years of training, Ayu had grown into the shrine’s best miko. Her magic allowed her to bring joy and health to the shrines various visitors. With the money she earned, she was able to support herself and allow her mother to live a good life.

One day, a Tian woman came to the shrine. She carried herself with a grace that did not exist around these parts. Her eyes were the eyes of someone who had experienced countless adventures, and had seen sights from all over the world. This woman revealed herself as a pathfinder for the Lantern Lodge. She had come to invite Ayu to come to Absalom to become a pathfinder. Despite wishing to become a pathfinder, Ayu couldn’t leave her mother by herself. She knew of the various hardships and sacrifices her mother made to raise her, and did not want her to return to prostitution. The head priest, not wanting to give up this opportunity to further expand his students knowledge of the world offered to let Ayu’s mother live in the shrine.

Ayu accepted the pathfinder woman’s offer and followed her to Absalom where she began her training to become a Pathfinder for the Lantern Lodge.

Ayu Kazeyama

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