Lost Divinity

Letters to My Sister

Moonday, 4th of Rova 4706 AR

Letter # 66721

My dearest sister Azu,

I'm sorry I haven't been writing to you recently. Certain urgent issues had come up and I haven't had access to quill and parchment in quite a while. Right now I'm staying with some pretty strange people in a safe house in Talingarde. Those bastards in the Talingarde Thieves guild had me unfairly arrested for the murder of those filthy insects who killed our parents. In my cell, I was introduced to two guys who refused to tell me their real names. Mother had always told me to not introduce myself to strangers so I was a bit shy at first, but we quickly hit off. One of the guys called himself the Smiling Saboteur. His mask was pretty funny so I couldn't take him seriously at first. But after talking for a bit, I began to realize he was probably a lot stronger than he looked. The other guy, Snekman didn't really talk much. I imagine he was just nervous like I was. After a while, some guard came over to our cell and called Mr. Saboteur out. After a while, he returned a very well made handkerchief with strange images stitched in them. He told us that we could use this to escape but I wasn't really sure what he was talking about until he pulled out a dagger from the handkerchief and gave it me. I don't wish to bore my dear sister with a wall of text so I'll just say that certain events transpired and we managed to escape the jail. Afterward, we met up with a charming lady named Tiadora and now we're staying at one of her safehouses.  I have to leave in a few days for some sort of training so I will end the letter here. I truly hope to see you soon.

                                                                                                                                      Your loving sister,



jaesonvalles Eyyun

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