Lost Divinity

V.I.C.T.E.R. Translated

Entry One 4707 AR, Rova,  Ninth day of Rova (Oathday): �Observation:Text log module installed. Peculiar. Will record all events of the day���Entry Two 4707 AR, Rova,  Tenth day of Rova (Fireday): ���Concerned Observation: Smoke coming downstairs. Concerning.���Surprised Observation: Alchemical apparatus aflame.���Interesting Observation: Detected a harrow card, the Mountain Man, half charred. Master has received one as well. Text on back leads to 24 �Endrin Square.���Query: Who could have committed such a deed? Requires further investigation.���TRAVELING…���Statement: Reached target location. Women of unknown qualities.���Character Analysis: Dressed in heavy armor, wielding a large glaive, character unknown.���Observation: Person in question is Lianne Shelyni. Paladin of Shelyn���Observation: Entered destination. No people found. Note found. Host will be back later. Invited to eat bread���Statement: Ate 10 grams of bread���Comical Observation: Master went to sleep. Lianne doesn’t seem to understand. Woken up later.���Self Diagnosis: Power running low. Recharging batteries.���SHUT DOWN…���


jaesonvalles Eyyun

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