Lost Divinity

Diplomatic Report 1

Your most honored Majesty Eodred Arabasti II,

The diplomatic meeting with the mayor of Sandpoint went well, and the negotions went perfectly how we wanted them to. He was very polite and agreeable and we had no difficulty in reaching an agreement on the matter. No need to send Louis to make sure everything is going well, because it is. By the way thanks for not trusting me and sending Seren to make sure things were going well, because they are so don't worry about it. And don't send anyone because negotiations went well. I will be spending some leisure time here in Sandpoint so I won't be returning for at least a few weeks time.

Your Most Esteemed Son, 




PS. This town needs some new guards

Diplomatic Report 1

PS. You’re’m’st’dve Honor,

My name is Lilia Elren and I would like to say that your son is quite the short-tempered one. As soon as I met him, h-

Diplomatic Report 1
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